Carriage House Kitchen

Pine cabinetry offered the impression needed for this charming petite carriage house kitchen. Pine in itself speaks “country charm”. The characteristic of a wood specie can dictate the design direction of your kitchen space. If you are creating a theme and know that theme’s impression, it will help you discern your wood specie selection. The Carriage house was… Read More »

Small kitchen color scheme

The colors we select to use in our kitchens introduce personalities of their own because color influences feelings and emotions. In fact, psychologist have proven that color and its saturation can induce emotional reactions. Typically, without going into detail: red = energy yellow= optimism blue= calming green= fresh, relaxing neutrals= flexibility purple= exotic, luxury black & white= simplicity… Read More »

Have you ever considered a Wood Countertop in your Kitchen?

Wood instead of Granite, stone, engineered stone, cement, solid surfaces. All of these have been so popular for many years. What about wood? It’s organic and sustainable. It has its advantages and of course its disadvantages, depending on your preference. Did you know that wood is Anti-bacterial by nature? The wood allows the bacteria to move deeper into… Read More »

Kitchen Design for Small Kitchens

Maximize your space. Look at your space with a critical eye. How you work in the space? What seems to be your distraction while cooking in the space? What functions are being interrupted? Are there walls, appliances or furniture could be relocated or eliminated for greater function? Could you consider a smaller sink size in order to allocate… Read More »

Kitchen Appliances evolve with technology

The kitchen design may be timeless, however are your appliances? With technology influences on our lifestyle, so are the appliances that are being brought to market. Kitchen appliances have modes and applications rendered specifically for the food you are choosing to prepare. No more checking, guessing, or over cooking. The oven is programmed to cook according to your… Read More »

Kitchen Design-who will you hire to define your space?

“Designers deal in ideas. They give shape to ideas that shape our world, enrich everyday experiences, and improve our lives. Where there’s confusion, designers fashion clarity, where there’s chaos, designers construct order; where there’s entropy, designers promote vitality, where there’s indifference, designers swell passion, where there’s mediocrity, designers imbue excellence; and where there’s silence, designers lend voice”. Ken… Read More »

About Vita

I am a designer with an educational background in Fashion and Interior Design. My professional certifications are from the National Kitchen & Bath Association and the National Council of Interior Design Qualifications. My design philosophy is that “Good design takes time, keen consideration of space, design theory personal preferences and by all means honest rapport between designer and… Read More »


Welcome to Kitchen Design Wise  ! If you’re contemplating designing a new kitchen, I bet you have a folder full of magazine pictures various cabinet brochures you have collected for some time now.                                   Research you have done online and a subconscious full… Read More »