Carriage House Kitchen

By | February 20, 2019

Pine cabinetry

offered the impression needed for this charming petite carriage house kitchen. Pine in itself speaks “country charm”. The characteristic of a wood specie can dictate the design direction of your kitchen space. If you are creating a theme and know that theme’s impression, it will help you discern your wood specie selection.

The Carriage house was home to a live in gardener behind a historic Federal style home on an acre lot which he maintained. Much like a field of wild flowers, I wanted this kitchen’s impression to read casual, yet charming.

The iron fireplace screen was modified and fabricated into the cabinetry. It was used functionally to open and close the cabinet doors it was attached too.

The cabinet with a dish rack above the sink, is also a charming feature utilizing the space above the sink for storage.

Recessed panel backsplash

The recessed panel back splash and counter top was done in a corrugated charcoal laminate. Soap stone was considered however, because of budget restraints, our next option that seem to mimic the color was this laminate. The dental edge of the counter top was used to credit a period detail, much like the recessed panel on the backslash.

Other details

Notice the awning drape fringe, and the ceramic tile window sill. The same ceramic tile was used on the toe kick of

the cabinetry. The same tile used on the toe kick and window sill was also used for an inset tile rug. It is not in view from this the photo perspective yet placed in an adjacent niche area with an iron bench. The raffia chair backs are another naturalistic approach to the charming theme.

The details pull together the kitchen’s  ambiance creating  a one of a kind kitchen that reflects the charm and warmth much like the acre land it is on.

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