Kitchen Appliances evolve with technology

By | January 10, 2018

appliancesThe kitchen design may be timeless, however are your appliances?

With technology influences on our lifestyle, so are the appliances that are being brought to market.

Kitchen appliances have modes and applications rendered specifically for the food you are choosing to prepare.

No more checking, guessing, or over cooking. The oven is programmed to cook according to your specifications.

You want it well done or medium. The choice is yours based on your selection so what should you consider?

A speed cooking, convection or steam oven and even a warming drawer?

If cooking a roast in 10 minutes intrigues you? Perhaps a speed cooking oven would serve you best.

Speed cooking ovens have ranging degrees of microwaves along with convection and a grill element.

Convection cooking also lower your cooking time because of a fan that continuously circulates hot air in the oven cavity.

The hot air onto the food helps cook the food evenly and faster than a conventional radiant heat oven.
For the health of it… Steam ovens are becoming more popular. They address maintaining the vitamins and mineral

compositions in the food we are cooking, which no doubt, is very important to anyone’s health.

If your appliance selection is getting cumbersome, maybe combining two options would help you choose.

Combining two appliances into one. Is referred to as a combination oven. A micro combined with a convection oven.

Microwaving or convection cooking an item is just a push of a button that selects the optional oven of your choice.

They also are utilizing space for one appliance instead of allocating space for two.

The most common appliance worked into a food prep area of any Kitchen design is a freestanding Refrigerator.

If you prefer to have a separate refrigerator and separate freezer you can. Under counter refrigerator applications

in a drawer format are also available and help out with two cooks in a kitchen.

Smart technology was introduced a few years back, however it is becoming more prominent in today’s market.

The idea is to be able to access your refrigerator via your smart phone or internet, check your inventory and order online with your local grocery for pick up or delivery.

As for the aesthetics, you have the option to go with one door, french doors with drawer below, french doors with double drawers below.

The finish options are also increasing. We still have white, black and stainless, however a newer finish that is gaining popularity is Black Stainless.

It was designed to be fingerprint resistant. It’s matte black tone creates a sleek, clean appearance.

I just touched base on a few attributes, features and benefits regarding kitchen appliances. The sophistication and technology continues to expand in today’s appliance industry. Your kitchen design includes your appliances, yet those appliances attribute to how you cook, how you entertain your quests and how convenient you want your lifestyle to be. They have become so savvy you don’t need to know how to cook, just what you want to cook. Select your option, press the button, your food will be programmed to cook accordingly.

My advice to you is to keep your lifestyle in mind when you shop your next appliance package for your new kitchen it should serve you well.

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