Kitchen Design for Small Kitchens

By | January 22, 2018

Maximize your space.

Look at your space with a critical eye.

  • How you work in the space?
  • What seems to be your distraction while cooking in the space?
  • What functions are being interrupted?
  • Are there walls, appliances or furniture could be relocated or eliminated for greater function?

Could you consider a smaller sink size in order to allocate that space to cabinetry?
Would open shelves serve you and give less apparent weight to the space?

I know I am asking a lot of questions, yet organizing and prioritizing items in your space will help you

discern their placements. Upon your consideration of all the above options, you are ready to move onto

Creating a Focal Point.

This is the fun part. What inspires you? What principle or element of design will you work with that will lend personality to your space?

  • Bold color
  • glass cabinets
  • glass tile
  • mixing materials
  • wood counter tops

In this galley kitchen example I used a few of the attributes mentioned above.

Small kitchen

Small kitchen

Color and visual impact where attributes emphasized in this

galley kitchen I designed. The adjacent space allowed me to

move the dining table and seating there. Two small tub chairs

and round table was used casually instead.

Refrigerator wall

I relocated the refrigerator and microwave to the opposite wall in order to create an aesthetically pleasing view

from the adjacent room.

The green sage cabinets was complimented and grounded with a solid stain on selected cabinets and

trim. The ventilation above the cook top was encased and surfaced with lineal mixed media mosaic tile,

which also, complimented the cabinetry finishes lending a cohesive merging of the two elements.

glass end cabinet

Small kitchen

Notice that glass was used on upper cabinets above sink and on the end shallow cabinet.  Display storage was also considered.



Overall, the kitchen was transformed having a style of its own.


Small Kitchens with functional considerations of prioritized placements of storage and items, along with creative

assessments can become a unique and inspiring place you enjoy working in.

Leave me a reply and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Design for Small Kitchens

  1. Ronnie Jordan

    Oh my, these pictures are beautiful. I have always wanted to buy a house and just totally design it to where it looks extravagant like the pictures you have in this post. I would definitely have to have someone to do this for me I don’t think I could.


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