Small kitchen color scheme

By | February 15, 2019

colorful kitchen schemeThe colors we select to use in our kitchens introduce personalities of their own because color influences feelings and emotions. In fact, psychologist have proven that color and its saturation can induce emotional reactions.

  • Typically, without going into detail:
  • red = energy
  • yellow= optimism
  • blue= calming
  • green= fresh, relaxing
  • neutrals= flexibility
  • purple= exotic, luxury
  • black & white= simplicity
  • pink= security and trust

This example of a small colorful kitchen includes a beverage refrigerator, sink, DW, stove and storage. Its unique color palette create an unexpected presence. The color is carried over onto the bar height table for a connected balance. The floating peninsula island and stepped up table allow for a buffet or congregating area.

This colorful kitchen space was designed for casual entertaining. The design criteria was to create a fun-loving, easy going atmosphere that would allow for intellectual conversations, laughter along with some simple cooking activity. At the same time create a colorful space creative and non-typical.

The colors selected for the cabinetry are blue, green, and gold. Each color and their characteristic attribute to the overall ambiance of the space.

Entertaining is about people coming together sharing interesting insights, humor and open conversations. All are ingredients needed to generate times to remember. If the ambiance of the color scheme evoke a relaxed feeling, warmth and optimism,

and work together well, why not let your colorful cabinet scheme accompany the space.

Maybe this is a bit over the top for a main kitchen space, however this was designed for a second entertaining kitchen and allowed the homeowner to be creative. It is an example of how small kitchen color scheme on cabinetry can be expressive and possibly even induce emotions for its intended use.

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